You Will Doubt, You Will Feel Lost, and You Will Want to Give Up

You might not know if you are adding value or live with purpose. You might not even believe in any of this talk about values and purpose. That is your business, and I am not here to convince you otherwise. You have doubts creeping up often, and you question the value of your own life and actions. You might not know what the next day will bring and who will reject your ideas. You will have disappointments. You will have the moments of joy. Both will change and dissipate only to start all over again. You might think that only those who invent new technology can be recognized for their greatness, and you are not one of them. You might lose friends and supporters over your philosophy or ideas. Y

Sustainable Benefits of Successful Mentoring Programs

Mentors in My Life Mentors always played a big role in my career and personal development. I always saw the value and actively seeking out these role models who could help me grow and improve my skills. Fortunately, the wonderful experts I have approached, said 'yes' without any reservations. Although, I must admit, in my earlier career, it took a lot of courage to ask for help. For some people, it is a more difficult task to overcome this fear of asking for assistance and guidance. After all, in order to grow, we need to go to someone who has a lot more experience and knowledge, who has respect of many, and maybe a highly visible status in the organization. It could be downright intimidatin

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