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If you are ready to start making meaningful changes, consider ordering a Guide to a Successful Career on lulu.com. It contains practical tools and exercises that can help you achieve your dreams and reduce stress caused by unfulfilling career.

It is not unusual for a small business owner to expresses his or her passion for the values of the company or their personal biases, but in the face of the law, it could be detrimental to that company survival. So to prevent this from happening, take a couple of minute...

If you were ever managed by a leader who was so savvy at manipulation and made people do exactly what he or she wanted, even if it felt uncomfortable, you might have been dealing with a psychopath. They are so incredibly good at that and are able to fool even the exper...

One way to demonstrate our worth is by communicating the results of the past work. If you don't like bragging about yourself, then this statement might bring up some negative emotions. How about trying to look at "bragging" about your professional worth f...

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