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I discovered Alex through LinkedIn and have been working with her for over 2 years. While interviewing Alex amongst the 5 coaches, I knew immediately that she was speaking from experience rather than theory. At the time, I could not articulate that my confidence had been shaken through personal and professional events. Alex gave me frank and neutral advice and direction to find my leadership voice and style again. She worked with me to say “no” to requests strategically and in a way that was positive for me and the requesters. She taught me how to replace "not letting anyone down" with how to preserve relationships. Alex is constantly probing me for what is really important and provides suggestions for actions that may seem apparent, but crystal clear after discussions with her. With her guidance and experience, we developed my life mission and goals. I have been able to set, maintain and self-correct when others break boundaries. I am proud of my ability to continue to live an authentic life both professionally and personally with boundaries that reflect my needs, wants, and values. If you need a spark of inspiration and a mentor, and you are ready to do the significant work yourself to achieve your goals, Alex is the partner for you! She has changed my life, both personally and professionally.

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

I had the distinct pleasure of working very closely with Alexandra (Alex) Aberle on my resume. My skill set and background is very complicated, and Alex took the time to really listen and understand what I do. She turned that into a resume that is absolutely stunning - I'm proud to use it. I can heartily recommend Alex for anyone who needs to have a professional resume "tuned up," or written from scratch.

Washington, D.C.

Alex Aberle provided so much more than resume support. She provided insights into my professional strengths and contributions that I had not fully recognized. As a result of Alex's expertise, I have targeted resumes and professional narratives that resonate with leaders in my field. Alex has made a direct impact on my career and professional advancement. I actively recommend Alex to colleagues at all professional levels.

Alexandria, VA USA

Alex has clearly found her vocation in mentoring others. She asks insightful questions and has a vast amount of experience to draw on which she is more than willing to share. Conversations with her were stimulating and her upbeat attitude contagious; with her training in cognitive behavioral therapy she is also well equipped to point out how mired we can become in old habits and obsolete ways of doing things instead of seizing and welcoming opportunities for change and growth. A consummate professional, she will meet and exceed expectations every time. In sum: run, don't walk, to Alex!


I consider myself both blessed and fortunate to have been referred to Alex via a friend. After years spent focusing on my children, not only was Alex able to revamp my resume, but she served a greater purpose in boosting my confidence and in redefining myself as a professional. Alex has amazing insight and a talent for fostering self awareness to assist her clients in discovering their own strengths and passions. Not to mention, Alex’s delightful personality and quick wit also make it a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend Alex and her services to anyone looking to start out and/or change their career path.

Suffolk, VA USA

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