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The Third Side Of The Coin

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Episode 1: COVID-19 And The Aftermath Of Workforce Reductions

Who will benefit from this podcast?

1. If you have been laid off from your job;

2. If you are a leader who had to make a difficult decision to reduce workforce;

3. If you are an employee who survived the layoffs and is now having anxiety and a feeling of guilt;

4. If you are having difficulties with overcoming fear, stress, or anxiety in order to unleash creativity;

Listen up to gain insights, hope, and help!

Alex Aberle and Tim Wong dive into the details of the devastating impact and offer coping ideas on how to overcome sadness, stress, and anxiety and potentially thrive in the future. Tim has been focusing on thought-leadership for YPO, in addition to defining learning themes for programming globally relevant top leadership learning events. He’s also an International Faculty for the Art of Living Foundation and the International Association of Human Values (IAHV), teaching courses since 2003 on Consciousness and Meditation, specializing in the corporate leadership workshop.


Part 1: Current Global Situation

Episode 1

Part 2: Fear Inhibits Curiosity and Growth. Impact on those who lost jobs. 

Part 3: Finding Your Own Relevance And Taking Responsibility For Your Actions To Thrive. 

Part 4: Impact On Leaders and Layoff Survivors

Episode 2:  Enhancing Creativity To Live A Fulfilling Life  

Part 1:  We Are Born With The Creative Gene

Part 2:  How To Activate Creative Process

Episode 2

Episode 3: Fear Inhibits Your Potential

Part 1: What Are We Afraid Of And Why?

Part 2: How To Conquer Your Fear

Episode 3