Not Getting a Promotion? Develop Your Personal Leadership Statement.

"I want to be a leader (or a manager). I've been working at this company for ages and just can't get a promotion I deserve. I know I have what it takes to manage teams and make this company money." These are the types of statements I hear and read frequently from the prospective clients. The frustration can take over and cloud your judgment, preventing you from finding the most effective way to get to the next step. Depending on the individual's career history, I ask: "What is your personal leadership statement?" In other words, I want to understand a person's leadership vision, beliefs, goals, and approaches? What truly makes them stand out from the crowd filled with so much talent who ha

Define Your Story of Achievements

As a leadership and career coach, I meet with the individuals from all walks of life and with different experiences. I help them refine and tell the impactful stories of achievements. The stories are used to land the jobs, meet new business prospects, connect with like-minded professionals, or deliver keynote speeches. Many of my clients are talented people who are employed and looking for jobs. Some are desperately trying to find their next source of income because of being laid-off, fired, or after taking a break. In the last 20 some years, I interviewed A LOT of candidates and saw firsthand how difficult it was for people to go through the process when they were unsure that a job was even

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