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You Will Doubt, You Will Feel Lost, and You Will Want to Give Up

You might not know if you are adding value or live with purpose.

You might not even believe in any of this talk about values and purpose. That is your business, and I am not here to convince you otherwise.

You have doubts creeping up often, and you question the value of your own life and actions. You might not know what the next day will bring and who will reject your ideas.

You will have disappointments. You will have the moments of joy. Both will change and dissipate only to start all over again.

You might think that only those who invent new technology can be recognized for their greatness, and you are not one of them.

You might lose friends and supporters over your philosophy or ideas. You will think that nobody is there to listen to you. You will learn the feeling of loneliness and might abandon the passionate idea that lit fire in your heart .

You might have a horrific experience working with a boss who has no place to be anyone’s boss. You could have a co-worker who drives you nuts.

You might want to give up and quit your job or business you have started.

When doubts creep in, and you start thinking that you are alone without any support, turn to your own strengths. Turn to those who truly love you. It might only be one person whom you can turn to for support and affirmation.

This person is YOU. Be Kind to YOU. This kindness will become contagious and irresistible. The right people will come into your life to surround and support YOU. The nay-sayers will no longer be stealing your time and energy.

When you start feeling sorry for your circumstances, turn to YOU. You are your biggest influencer. You are your biggest believer in what is possible. You have fire and ferocity in YOU. You have skills, talents, and unique abilities. You value something, don't you? It could be family, it could be achievement, adventure, etc. Take a step back and gain clarity.

Remind yourself that your personal circumstances are not the worst if you put things into perspective. I have discovered this year that three people in my life are battling cancer. My doubts were nothing compared to their courageous fight.

Start making a difference by positively influencing one person at a time. Show just one person how much they are worth. Give them a helping hand. Remind them how brilliant they are and thank them for what they have done for YOU.

I love what I do. I didn’t invent a gadget but I am fulfilled because I help humans regain their self-confidence. I love it because I help people find jobs, get out of soul-draining careers, get promotions, start or continue building their own businesses, inspire them to get out of the rut, and start thinking differently about their professional journey. I get goosebumps when my clients discover the most productive ways to live lives, plan their days, spend more time with families, or lead teams. I help people frame their stories of achievements. Yes, I get fired up and, in fact, do a happy dance every time my customer tells me about a new success or self-discovery. I feel happy because another person achieved something new - no matter how small the achievement. This is my purpose. This is my joy and satisfaction. Ask yourself when the last time was when you were excited and wholeheartedly thrilled for someone else's success.

Do I have doubts? Yes, very often. Do I return back to my purpose and values? Every. Single. Day.

I live and breathe my purpose. I see opportunities and make small discoveries every day by reducing the noise and idle chatter. You don’t need to be an inventor of a tech gadget to be successful (although, I think it would be pretty amazing!). You can add value by sharing your knowledge and talents. Be a Kind Human and filter out the noise, then clarity will come to you.

Love and light to you all!

Please reach out with questions by emailing me at

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