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The U.S. Job Market Is Not What It Seems

The higher up the ladder you go, the harder it is to land a position of your dreams. It is equally more difficult to land a new consulting engagement with a new customer. A lot of well-educated professionals are competing for leadership jobs and consulting gigs. Recent grads are also struggling with getting jobs in their fields of study (Source:

As 2018 comes to the end and 2019 strategic planning time is here, I reflect on the success my clients achieved this year. XCaliber Coaching and Consulting had a 97.4% success rate (of 100s of reported cases in three years) in helping clients to land new jobs or getting promotions to leadership roles within six months or less. Those individuals who invested in both coaching and resume writing services and followed the process steps were 99.5% more successful in achieving their goals. The location, industry, and the area of expertise played a big role in how fast the clients found their next job/client.

Here is an absolutely free success tip for you:

Your marketing collateral - bio, resume, social media presence, networking, etc., have to be unique and top-notch to be considered for the U.S. jobs in the market with 4.1% unemployment rate (Source: CPS). The strategic approaches to career development are not the same as they were even five years ago. Consider the importance of upgrades in 2019.

Customer testimonial:

Here is what one of the executive clients said, "I worked with Alex on my resume and other aspects of professional brand and presence. Alex is a great listener and a strong and encouraging coach. She has a way of eliciting what matters and capturing it in focused and industry-specific language. I found my engagement with Alex to be well worth the investment!"

Are you ready for a promotion or a new career in 2019? We might be able to help. Book a free 15-minute consultation at

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