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Healing Your Mind

The sound of the mighty ocean waves crashing against the shoreline is calming to my soul. I am reminded by some invisible force to close my eyes and to listen. I am called to hear the world outside the one I have been building in my own mind for over a year. Breathing in the salty and refreshing air feels rejuvenating. The sea air has always been my source of healing.

As my toes are touching cool and wet sand, I remind myself to concentrate only on the sound of the crashing waves. My mind is wandering back to the everyday hustle and bustle of my entrepreneurial life - some is extremely meaningful and some is simply a wasteful use of my creative energy. I allow time to observe my thoughts and let them pass by me. Just like every magnificent wave, they come and go. The new thoughts arrive and then depart.

I realize in this therapeutic moment that my impressions are shifting to appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life. My daughters, my husband, and my Mama. I acknowledge that in this moment I am no longer seeking validation from anyone or trying to save the world. I note that I seek validation from people who have influence on me less and less.

I often ponder on how to contribute more and better to others. About once every three months, I wonder where my strength is going to come from, but I always find the way to move on against all the odds stacked against me in the moments of my debilitating doubts. I always have and I always will find a way. Most of us do.

Before I allow my contemplation to spread like wild fire, I gently remind myself that the time I took away from business, the non-stop thinking and care for others, is the space for me to take care of my own healing. I came to this vacation exhausted and drained. I recognized that my constant work to help others is both rewarding and draining. I absorb all kinds of energy when I am coaching and networking with people. I share every bit of mine too. At the end of the day, it is still the best job I have ever had, but I have to rest to be productive and creative.

The lives we live require constant shielding and fighting against hatred and negative thoughts and emotions. It is exhausting to be vigilant at all times. We feel trapped in our own world and abandon the outside beauty. We build walls that don't allow new thoughts and abundance to penetrate and enrich us.

Rest and full surrender even for a few moments leads me to appreciate everything I am allowed to create and love with increased intensity. In this motionless moment, it is just me, the refreshing breeze, and the ocean waves. They come and go, just like every worry, success, happiness, pain, disappointments, celebrations....

Everything comes and goes naturally. We can't always be on top of the world. Sometimes we have to allow time to heal our tired minds and souls. Take breaks once in a while - you will come back to work and life stronger than before. You will know better where to invest your energy versus worrying about meaningless fears or doubts. The world is beautiful when fog dissipates. The moments of clarity don't come from chaos but from the quiet mind and stillness.

Working hard and constantly hustling but not getting ahead? Stressed from finding new ways to make progress in your situation? Feeling a lot of hatred and discontent?Slow down and allow yourself to heal.

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