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Resolve to Dream and Act Every Day in 2018

Are you waiting for a clock to strike midnight to make a New Year’s Resolution? On December 31, there is a certain level of magic feeling that rises up inside a human being waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Just minutes or even seconds before it happens, we are filled with hopes of new beginnings and unexplained enhanced abilities for reaching our unfulfilled dreams.

We make New Year’s resolutions and promise ourselves to be better than a year before. We are filled with hopes and optimism. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller.

But, why are so many of us waiting to experience the magical feeling of optimism and hope once a year? What if we didn’t wait for the magical hour every year and made a resolution each and every day?

Every day I make an effort to find learning opportunities as there is plenty to explore and one lifetime isn’t enough. Every day I get excited about new knowledge, which includes meeting new people, reading new books and articles, and helping someone in need when I can. I don’t want to WAIT to feel the magic of hope and opportunities. I just feel.

I know that many people in my network of family and friends aren’t as prosperous as they desire to be and have plenty of unfulfilled dreams. Many mornings during 2017, I woke up to the messages from people I know and complete strangers asking for help or sharing their frustrations with their personal and career situations. I tried to help. I am paying it forward because many people helped and supported me throughout my journey. I can’t help everyone because if I spread myself too thin in my attempts, the assistance will be too shallow. There are also a lot of “takers” who want to get free help without any intentions to pay it forward. It has been a learning curve to identify them and redistribute my energy to givers and contributors.

I didn’t wait for December 31, 2017 to feel the magic, I created it every night I went to sleep and worked at it every waking minute of each day I was gifted. As a result, I’ve reconnected and met a lot of inspiring people and learned from their generosity and experience. Giving gratitude at the end of the year is somewhat symbolic, but I tried to do so every day. I am not making a New Year’s resolution because waiting for magic to happen is a waste of precious and limited time we are given in this lifetime. If you are making a resolution then ensure to remind yourself every day why it was important to you to make a promise on December 31 to reach your unfulfilled dreams. Maybe, if you do this every day, it will lead to living a magical life without having to wait until December 31 of the next year.

Happy New Year magic every day!

Special gratitude for helping us grow XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC and inspiring me to keep dreaming and achieving this year goes out to my husband, kids, Mom, Leah, Kelly, Corrine, Charlie, Ron, Tim, Michael, Heather, Sarah, Bill, Brandi, Lee and many more wonderful dreamers.

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