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If You Are Not Thinking of Generation Z, You Are Too Late

Everywhere we go, we notice that business professionals are so consumed in criticizing Millennials (Generation Y). It is almost convenient, isn't it? It's convenient to point fingers to this generation instead of changing the ways we run our business, including how we develop our workforce. Don't get us wrong, some companies do a fantastic job at evolving and embracing Millennials, but some are still chattering about how "lazy" or "unstable" they are in life. And while we are complaining, Gen Zers are fast on the heels of the Millennials in entering the workforce. We don’t want to be late; we want to help this up and coming generation to be adaptable to the current environment.

We must be proactive and not reactive in the way we conduct business and offer educational experiences. In a November 2016 article in Huffington Post, George Beall wrote that the Generation Z, also known as Post-Millennials or Homeland Generation, makes up over 25% of the population in the United States alone. It is projected that these young people will contribute $44 billion to the American economy. They are, and absolutely will be, a force to be reckoned with. This generation will write their own rules, with or without us.

XCaliber Coaching & Consulting started the YNZ – Y Not Z Generation Movement©. We are going to create an impact early enough so that Gen Z can truly create a positive impact of their own. They will be the future and we must prepare them. And, if current business leaders and employers do not invest the time and effort to learn and understand this Generation, they will become the dinosaurs. They will be pushed out of the game, as the existing business rules will become irrelevant. The evolution is happening whether we deny its existence or attempt to ignore it.

Various studies have shown that Generation Zers are better multi-taskers, but can be less focused. And while they also have higher expectations for their futures, this Generation tends to be more entrepreneurial. Ms. Leahmarie Gottlieb, our Chief People Officer, said, “It is exciting to be able to engage with our younger generation. They are the future of our workforce - the strength of our future leadership as a community and as a nation. Whether the goal is to enter a working environment, to gain acceptance into a community college or university, or to begin a business as an entrepreneur, the principles are still the same. These principles can be learned by the YNZ Movement members and put into place sooner than later.”

Here is our #2018Prediction. Businesses, entrepreneurs, colleges, or universities will start on the road to extinction if they don't pay attention to Generation Z.

We believe, that one of the #BigIdeas2018 will include more focus on Generation Z. Whether you are a parent, university administrator or a business leader, you want to pay attention to the job landscape and the talent pool, as they are changing rapidly. Evolve to stay relevant!

In the article The 50 big ideas for 2018, Chip Cutter, Managing Editor at LinkedIn observes in idea #38 that in 2018 "on college campuses, something unusual is happening: Students are asking corporate recruiters whether companies will help them get new skills as jobs shift, says James Manyika, chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute. Corporations such as Walmart and AT&T have already launched retraining programs and more are expected. As roles morph, professionals should spend the year in constant learning mode, says entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” star Daymond John, whose latest venture is a high-end co-working space called Blueprint + Co. Too many people think new skills will “magically come to their cubicle,” John says. “It’s not going to happen.”

We need to be proactive! And if you are a parent, you might want to consider investing in your young adult who potentially struggles to look directly into your eyes and chooses a mobile phone to communicate (even when breaking up a relationship!). Communication skills and personal brand image beyond a keyboard will be in high demand when entering the workforce or when managing a startup by young entrepreneurs. Will your children be ready to present themselves in the best possible light to gain employment and build a career of their dreams?

We need to fully acknowledge and accept that our kids are different. Millennials, as a cohort, already proved that they are creating different paths to prosperity and social impact. The new generation will only accelerate the progress in ways unseen before. Let's stop our complaining already and agree it is EVOLUTION. Every generation brings a fresh outlook and new ideas. Let's celebrate, invest, and support the progress instead of complaining.

About The YNZ – Y Not Z Generation Movement©

With the mission of, “Amplifying the trajectory of our communities one person at a time”, the YNZ Movement focuses on the best modern education options, career, social and networking skills, and financial planning choices. We are pleased to engage and help people, primarily those born in 1995 and after. Mistakes have been made by so many Baby Boomers, the X-Generation, and older Millennials when it comes to education, career, and financial planning. The YNZ Movement was established to help the Z Generation to avoid those mistakes and create their own universal rules. It is better for all generations to work together to achieve unimaginable progress.

Within this effort, XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC will be offering Z Geners and younger Millenials an opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, traditionally only available to the older generations. These workshops, held over a 10-week period, will include identifying your personal brand and image, contemporary resume development strategies, social media impact, communication, networking, social interactions, strategic career planning, and interview skills development. The learning will be offered in a combination of in-person, video archival footage, and live streaming sessions. “We believe this will best meet the needs of our audience and allow them to participate from their home or dorm room, or in person,” stated Ms. Gottlieb.

Enrollment will also include lifetime community support through a private Facebook group and other social media, periodic articles, podcasts, and newsletters.

“Having worked in career services at the college and graduate school levels, I could not be more enthusiastic about the YNZ Movement. Helping young people to think about and prepare themselves in relation to the world of work – what satisfies and motivates – is one of the best ideas I’ve seen.” - Shoshannah Cohen, Manager of Institutional Analysis, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University

“The YNZ Movement is a wonderful initiative. Outside of the classroom, one of the most critical and challenging skill sets yet not easily gained, is how to navigate the professional world. Few youths are provided with the kind of career literacy that will serve as part of the foundation for a successful professional life” - Elmer Almachar, Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation, Kellogg School of Management

“The YNZ Movement is the proactive approach so many of our young adults need. I’m excited to know that XCaliber Coaching & Consulting is spearheading such an important program.”- Heather Bliss, Vice President & Chief of Staff, Waterfield Enterprises

To learn more about the YNZ – Y Not Z Generation Movement©, visit

Authors: Alexandra Aberle, President and Founder of XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC and Leahmarie Gottlieb, Chief People Officer of XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC

Originally published on LinkedIn on December 26, 2017

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