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Happy 2nd Birthday to My Passion

Today I am celebrating the unlimited potential and passion that exists in the minds that are "opened to everything and attached to nothing", as the 10th century tantric practitioner Tilopa said.

Two years ago, I chose to be a part of something bigger than "I". On November 27th, 2015, I registered my second business, but this one was the first entrepreneurial venture in the Land of Opportunities. On that day, XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC was born. It changed my life forever.

XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC has been growing. I'd started this practice as an executive leadership coach, then, added workshops, career coaching, and resume writing services, and now am working on launching a program that will help our future generations and communities become more business savvy and prosperous. Recently, I've been joined by an amazing like-minded business leader, Leahmarie T. Gottlieb, who together with XCaliber Coaching & Consulting LLC will drive the development of our jointly-conceived latest initiative (formal announcement is coming). Join us for our pilot Resume Development Workshop (mini) on December 16, 2017. To register, go HERE.

Two years ago I decided to do something extremely different from my past existence. I allowed myself to consult ME on what would be the best contribution to the universe instead of being limited by other people's opinions. My passion has been revealing itself clearly over these two years.

My views and beliefs are changing. I believe that I still know so little that I cannot be pessimistic about future. There is so much to learn and there are so many people to help. I see humans struggle daily, whether it is my clients or people who are close to me. My passion of sharing knowledge, whether it is in leadership or career development, drives my desire to help more individuals become better leaders of their own journey. My passion drives me to live this life to the fullest potential possible and to consume as much knowledge as I possibly can in the amount of time I've been given.

Owning your own business is not for the faint of hearts. Working 24x7 is not an understatement when building something of your own. The passion is a MUST, as without it, it is easy to give up. Today I celebrate PASSION and invite you to join me.

Thank you to everyone who came with me on this journey and supported me. Thank you to all who didn't believe in my idea of business because you had no understanding what I was trying to accomplish. You only pushed me forward, and for this I am extremely thankful. Grateful to the customers who put their trust in me. I am fulfilled when I see transformation in people's lives.

My business, and everything it entails, is my passion. Find your passion, live it, breathe it, and celebrate it often!

Here's to another birthday!

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