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How to Prepare For a Successful Interview

Ace Your Interview In Seven Steps

I would like to kick of this year with helpful career tutorials that can assist you with finding a new job that you deserve. Yes, you need to prepare and work towards creating the opportunities to get that next job.

Step One: Research and learn everything you can about the company or a department you will be working at. It is essential, when you show up to an interview with either a recruiter or a hiring manager, that you are able to demonstrate your familiarity with what the company does, its values, past and recent successes. By demonstrating this knowledge, you are communicating to the future employer that you did your homework and the company is the place of your choice.

Step Two: Review the job description again and create a list of skills and experiences that showcase you as the best candidate for the job.

Step Three: Based on the skills and experiences you just created, write down four to six examples that support the presence of these skills and strengths. Use CAR format (commonly recommended by the top career coaches) to form your examples or stories. C stands for Challenge you faced; A stands for actions you took to resolve the challenge; R stands for the results that you achieved to solve the challenge.

Step Four: Once you created your examples, practice speaking them out loud. Ask a family member or a friend to listen to you. Practice will give you confidence reminding yourself about the impacts you have made in the past. You can apply these stories to the behavioral questions you will be asked during an interview.

Step Five: Practically every interviewer will ask you to tell them About Yourself. Create an impactful brief pitch, that lasts anywhere from 90 seconds to no longer than 3 minutes, to tell the future employer about your professional accomplishments and how you can contribute to the company. Ensure to incorporate your strengths related to the job that you outlined in Step Two. Practice.

Step Six: Go on-line and find frequently asked interview questions and practice your responses.

Step Seven: Map your travel to the place of your interview to ensure that you arrive and in the parking lot 20 minutes earlier. Once you arrived, take your time to calm your nerves down. And before you get out of the car, turn your phone on silent!

It is show time! Now, you are ready to present your best self in a confident and professional way with the specific examples of your achievements and believing that you are the best and most accomplished candidate for the job! Remember, you are going for the interview because you are the best match for the job, the company’s values match yours, and you can bring solutions to grow this organization. Good Luck!

If you need help with the preparation, please contact us.

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